Law Office of Jo-Hanna Read, Washington State lawyer specializing in sexual abuse and violence

Law Office of Jo-Hanna Read

2200 Sixth Avenue, Suite 1250   •   Seattle,  Washington 98121
Phone: (206) 441-1980   •   Fax: (206) 448-3393
Jo-Hanna Read, attorney at law:
Paul Kerbrat, paralegal:

Jo-Hanna Read provides representation in the following general areas:

  • For survivors of sexual, emotional and/or physical abuse

  • For persons injured by therapy malpractice or wrongful acts of government agencies, schools or other institutions

  • Settlement Guardian ad Litem appointments

  • Miscellaneous personal injury matters

Mission Statement

Jo-Hanna brings to her practice many years of legal experience, a strong belief in individual rights and justice for all, and a continuing commitment to effectively and compassionately address the immediate and long-term needs of her clients.